Let there be light

Tomorrow, is the dawn of a new empire,

Tomorrow, we will rule a brand new world,

A world we all dreamed of,

A world where we are all together.

Tomorrow, we rise,

Together, lets eclipse the sun,

Shine on the world with the brightness of our virtues,

Let there be a light,

As there never has been in all of sun’s might,

If only you extend me your hand,

If only you join me where I stand,

Alone, I am weak,

Alone, I am worthless,

But with you I am unstoppable.

I: I am your conscience,

I am everything you ever silently stood for,

I am the light hidden in the deepest recesses of your heart,

If you Ignore me, I am nothing,

If you listen to me, I am your GOD…

The dawn of a new Empire


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