Maximum Thrust Provided by Iron Man’s Suit

Maximum Thrust Provided by Iron Man’s Suit

This Paper was my entry in a Science Fiction Paper Presentation Competition at Tryst, IIT Delhi.


In this Analysis done on Iron Man’s Mark VI suit used in the Movies Iron Man 2 and The Avengers we try to find out exactly how much thrust can those shiny little repulsors provide. Assuming that Tony Stark used the full thrust from his suit when trying to “jump-start” S.H.I.E.L.D’s Helicarrier’s Ducted rotors, we will first provide an analysis of the thrust provided by a single rotor on the helicarrier, and then calculate the thrust of Iron Man’s Repulsor Beam. And subsequently deduce the amount of power his arc reactor uses.



One thought on “Maximum Thrust Provided by Iron Man’s Suit

  1. G’Day! The Mad Hatter,
    Speaking of which, Could some one explain to me how I would answer this question.

    A carrier based jet fighter has a maximum take-off weight of 56,000lbs and a maximum thrust of 36,000lbs. It is catapulted from the aircraft carrier at 140mph in 2.1 seconds.
    What additional thrust is provided by the catapult during take-off? (worth 10 marks)

    Additional information;
    2.2lbs in 1kg
    In aviation terminology “1lb of thrust” is the force required to support a mass of 1lb.

    Any help will be appreciated thanks in advance.
    Keep up the good work

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