Captain of a Sinking Ship

The gleaming deck, the chirping birds,

Ah… They so seem to mock me,

The things I promised and all my dreams,

to think that all’s a fallacy,

My family is proudly on-board,

oblivious to the fate that awaits them,

My friends are consoling me,

Unaware that I am just a broken stem.

I want to curse those, who have sailed ahead,

who show sympathetic gestures, but don’t really give a heck,

just one thing keeps me from saying any ill of them,

that my beloved is safe and sound, as long as she is with one of them.

The sirens are wailing, Cries of ‘Abandon Ship’ still louder,

And there I was weeks back, thinking I couldn’t be any prouder.

Is it a sense of duty or is it the oozing shame?

What is it, that’s still allowing me to get a grip?

Am I going to heaven or am I going to hell?

Is there any respite, for me, the captain of a sinking ship?